Country Areas (wine) 2011 2010
South Africa South Africa NT 91R
New Zealand New Zealand NT 91R
Chile Chile NT NT
Australia New South Wales NT 89T
Australia Barossa NT 93T
Argentina Argentina NT NT
USA Washington NT NT
USA California NT NT
Spain Rioja NT NT
Currency TT Buying Rate Cash Buying Rate
AUD 7.78456 7.78456
CNY 7.78456 7.78456
EUR 7.78456 7.78456
HKD 0.958212 0.930002
USD 7.218501 7.201561
Incomparable advantages in domestic spot wholesale operation. Relying on a high trust of the international trade with the overseas merchants for many years, we own a number of international brands of spot agent permissions. Advantage in diversity of products selection, richness of profit, exclusive of products and the quantity of exclusive agent procurement!
Offer the products purchased with plans
The international price range
Recommend the chateaux and the products
Know the procurement process
Sign a contract of agent procurement
Pay the deposit
Products shipped to China
Payment and clearance

  • 龙船男爵
    这是著名酿酒师Stéphane Derenoncourt史蒂芬德龙考特的杰作。年轻一辈的全才酿酒师应该就是Stéphane Derenoncourt
  • 科娜卡门
    大地女神是西班牙Bodegas Luzon酒庄的品牌,其历史可上溯至1916年。Bodegas Luzon酒庄位于西班牙穆尔西亚省D.O.产区胡米利亚,拥有6
  • 羊头系列
    ★ 法国南部酒王 ★ 历届法国嘎纳电影节晚宴用酒 ★ 2010年上海世博会法国馆唯一指定用酒 ★ “资本家的藏品” ★ 罗伯
  • 拿帕一号